POLITICAL PLAYLIST HAPPY HOUR Each week we pour a drink and discuss what the youngest members of Congress are doing about the issues that matter most.

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Each week we pour a drink and discuss what the youngest members of Congress are doing about the issues that matter most.

Politics, but First… Shoes!

On this episode of the Happy Hour, the gang rejoice at the news that Anna has found wedding shoes for her beautifully oversized feet!

Bumped and Dumped Gun Laws

Happy Juneteenth! On this happy hour, Michael, Anna, and Anthony dive into the Supreme Court’s latest overturning of the Trump-era policy as well as wade into the new immigration marriage policy for undocumented immigrants.

Jerry Springer in the House

We couldn’t NOT begin this happy hour by talking about the viral spat heard round the beltway. We’re referring of course to the House Oversight Committee hearing that went off the rails.

Congressional Playoffs

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have playoffs between the young Congresspeople under the age of 45?

Joint Causes

The craziness in the world ain’t slowing down, so neither are Michael, Anna and Anthony. On this happy hour, the gang continues to cover the escalating campus protests.

Campus Chaos

Protest, Protest, Hear All About it!. With campus protests engulfing the news cycle, Michael, Anna and Anthony devote the entire Happy Hour to this topic.

Congressional Chaos and Courtroom Catnaps

On this episode of the Happy Hour, Michael, Anna and Anthony dive right in to all the latest in the Congressional Circus, including a failed cabinet impeachment and Ukraine aid.

Unforced AZ Political Errors

If you didn’t think Michael, Anna, Anthony, and Anna again were going to talk about the new confounding Arizona Abortion Ban, then you don’t know this Gang.

Congressional Spring Cleaning

In this episode of the Happy Hour, Michael, Anna and Anthony push the limits on how many times they can say “it’s been a busy news week.”

Hands Off My FDA-Approved Drugs

On this episode of the Happy Hour, Michael, Anna and Anthony dive deep into the recent case heard by the Supreme Court revolving around Mifepristone and the FDA’s 20-year-old approval of the widely-used abortion drug.

Younger is the New Younger

On this episode of the Happy Hour, the gang talks about the latest supreme court ruling allowing Trump to stay ON the ballot and what this means for the young Congressional Republicans vying to be his VP.

Children of the State

Buckle up kids, because we’re charging head first at the new Alabama Supreme Court ruling on embryos now legally constituting as…children?!?! Yep, it’s a newsy, boozy, ranty episode you won’t want to miss!

Nuclear Shenanigans in Space

On this episode of the Happy Hour, Michael and Anna literally silence Anthony by accidentally keeping him in the Zoom waiting room, while they gab and gab some more about all the news of the day.

Decline and Fall of a Bipartisan Bill

On this Happy Hour, the gang dive into the bipartisan immigration deal that looked to defy the odds in the Senate only to see its hopes and dreams squashed by the House. Also covered in this episode is Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Guy Reschenthaler, and of course, the Grammys.

Swiftly Controversial

We could not, simply could not, begin this happy hour without addressing the conspiracy plot heard round the cable news cycle–that being the insanely hilarious and frankly asinine theory circulating right-wing media that Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce are part of the government deep state.

And the Oscar Goes to… Not Us

Oscar Noms are out and alas, this Political Happy Hour also went the way of the Barbie snubbery. But fear not, Michael, Anna and Anthony still have their acceptance speeches ready to go.

One Connected Amoeba

In this action packed episode of the Happy Hour, the gang discuss the latest Iowa Caucus results and what it all means.

New Year, Same Boozy Politics

Welcome back to the first Political Happy Hour of 2024, where the gang dives back into the chaos in Washington that didn’t seem to take a holiday refresh.

This One’s a Cutlet Above

On this episode of the Happy Hour, the Gang discusses the war in Ukraine, how Republicans in the House are holding Ukrainian aid hostage in exchange for demands on immigration, the alarming rate at which opioids are becoming more accessible and the push to make all drugs prescriptions electronic nation-wide, proposed by an unlikely figure in the Senate.

Mr. Tomato Head

The most important takeaway from this episode, and reason enough to listen, is because there’s a man in Florida nicknamed Mr. Tomato.

Bravado, Botox and Political Baggage

On this episode of the Happy Hour, Michael, Anna and Anthony catch us up on the last three weeks of goings-on in the young Congress, including the ALMOST brawl in a Senate hearing.

Happy Hour* with Dream for America’s William He

You may have noticed the asterisk in the title of this episode and that’s not a typo… it was put their by our legal department because on this Happy Hour*–there it is again– we welcome the founder of the progressive organization Dream For America who is…wait for it…only 16 years old!

Happy Hour with Forbes Tech Reporter Alexandra Levine

From fake Facebook accounts sowing division about Israel and Palestine to threats on Jewish-American journalists, this episode takes us deep into the work of Forbes Technology Reporter Alexandra Levine.

Concensus to Censure

On this episode of the Happy Hour, Michael and Anna discuss the House’s latest move to censure their only member of Palestinian descent.

What Actually Constitutes Genocide?

On this episode of the happy Hour, Michael, Anna and Anthony cover a lot of heavy stuff because, well, the world is sort of in chaos right now.

We Are Never Emmer Emmer… Gonna Elect a Speaker

Most importantly, YES we discuss Taylor Swift on this episode of the Happy Hour, but we also discuss a lot of other important things too.

The War in Israel

On today’s episode of Political Playlist Happy Hour, Michael, Anna and Anthony discuss the terrorist attacks in Israel perpetrated by Hamas.

And That’s a Wrap on Kevin

Well, well, well, coming to you, listener, in a historic week. Kevin McCarthy just became the first Speaker EVER to get ousted from his seat, and you better believe the team’s diving into all the drama.

Anthony’s Mom for Congress!

The gang discusses a lot in this Happy hour including immigration, government shutdown, one Republican calling his party a Clown show, leaders who inspire us today…oh, and Anthony’s Mom makes a cameo by way of a moving story that Anthony shares.

Happy Hour with Congresswoman Delia Ramirez

On this episode of the Happy Hour, Michael and Anna welcome Congresswoman Delia Ramirez, Democratic Representative from Illinois.

Boebert Gets the Broadway Boot

The podcast bros are back bro-ing it out with bro-tinis! With Anna off on assignment, Michael and Anthony cover a laundry list of topics (that Anna made for us).

The Centennial Babey!

Oh Baby, look out–we’re 100 !!!! That’s right folks, Political Playlist Happy Hour has just notched one hundred happy hours, plus the wisdom and hangovers to prove it!

Tennessee Tailspin

Michael’s skipping town again so Anthony and Anna are left to their own devices on this episode of Political Playlist Happy Hour. But never fear!

Debate This!

On this episode of Political Playlist Happy Hour, the Gang couldn’t resist wading into debate waters with the upcoming GOP Presidential debate happening this week.

Political Penalty Kicks

The Political Playlist Triumvirate (that means three, Anthony) is back together again as they kick things off with the penalty shot heard round the world… that is, the missed soccer penalty kick from US women’s star Megan Rapinoe that quickly became a right wing political football–okay we’ll stop.

Aging and Melting

How old is Congress? OLD. How hot is America? DANGEROUSLY HOT. How bad is fentanyl? VERY BAD. Tune in to hear us unpack these overly-simplified answers.

Bourbon Diplomacy

This is an episode you do not want to miss! Michael and Anna welcome none other than Democratic Congressman Morgan McGarvey of Kentucky to the show.

The Ying Yang Gang

Sometimes episodes just naturally find that perfect opposite pairing of subject matter and personality…and this episode of the Happy Hour is NO EXCEPTION.

The Spat Heart ‘Round the Beltway

On this episode of Political Playlist Happy Hour, Michael returns to the newly-minted PR Firm of Goldwyn & Barkett to discuss the latest news including the absolutely wild and hilariously ridiculous Congressional quarrel between Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Vets Not to Like?

With Michael off galavanting who-knows-where, Anna and Anthony put on their best podcast voices in this week’s episode of Political Playlist Happy Hour.

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